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      Welcome to Mystic Jewels Sphynx.

where we strive to raise not just pets but family members. It is very important to us to breed for health and conformation. We scan all our breeders for HCM. 

At Mystic Jewels our kittens are raised with love & affection. We are active in CFA & TICA where we like to have fun and support the breed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the Sphynx. We are located in Colorado. Please Enjoy!

Our Mission.

​Here at Mystic Jewels Sphynx, I believe in raising top quality Sphynx. Health, body confirmation, and personality of each cat are exceptionally significant to me as a breeder and a exhibitor.

I have taken on the responsibility to raise the finest cats to meet the rising standards of our incredible breed. It will always be a work in progress.

Personality is very important to me. I want the most loving kittens/cats so you the new kitten owner will receive not just a pet but a family member. They are incredibly loving, they are crazy fun, they are the Monkey of the household. The Sphynx will keep you laughing and well entertained.

​I encourage all pet owners to scan their Sphynx for HCM.
I encourage all pet owners to get good pet insurance for their babies. With the rising cost of vet care it's getting more important to have insurance on our love ones. 

Contact Us
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Kelly Thompson
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Proud members of CFA & TICA
In Loving Memory of Funny Face.