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From time to time we have available Kittens. If you see a kitten that you are in liking with please contact me.. All my kittens are sold with a pet/health contract. Price of a altered kitten is 1800.00

Kittens must be picked up.. We will not fly our kittens in the cargo area of the plane, no exceptions. If flying in to pick up a kitten I will meet you at the airport.
If driving then I can meet up to 3 hours from my home for a small fee to cover travel expense.

I will only take the best interest of the kitten when it comes to transporting.

If I don’t have anything available I can put you on my list. “Pets only”. I don’t sale breeders. 

All Kittens will be Spayed or Neutered before they leave our home.

I do require a deposit of 300.00 to hold a kitten once you have decided on a  specific kitten.

Kittens are up to date on vaccines, altered & microchip before leaving my home.

All my kittens are raised underfoot with love and compassion.

I’m located in Colorado. I do accept PayPal.

Note: It is understood that degrees in hairless Sphynx vary from cat to cat and that no feline is completely hairless. Even though the kitten may be almost hairless when sold, it is possible said kitten could develop some hair when he or she gets older or the seasons changes from hot to cold. This is normal for the breed. Eye color will change as the kitten grows, all kittens is born with blue eyes and can go through a few different color changes before the full eye color comes in.

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Kelly Thompson
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Sphynx Kittens
 we will be expecting kittens in the spring of 2023.