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Sphynx Care
Sphynx Bath Time  

Sphynx do need regular baths, since they do not have hair or little hair, they pick up dust & dirt on their skin. I like to use Johnson Baby Head to Toe, not shampoo, as they don’t have much hair to speak of. Johnson Baby Bath will not burn their eye’s, as you do need to wash their face when giving baths.  

Sphynx Cleaning Ears

Cleaning Sphynx ears on a regular basis is very important. Sphynx ears tend to get very waxy and need regular care. Using Q-tips & Kleenex works well. It’s always a good idea to have your vet show you how to clean a cat’s ear properly. Any good Vet will take the time to teach you.

Is your Sphynx Warm Enough

Sphynx really are normal cats even though they lack hair. They are not a small cat but are actually average-sized. Sphynx feel as though they have a higher body temperature, but they don't, their temperature is 100-102 F the same as other cats. Do Sphynx need to be kept warmer? I use a simple rule, if I’m chilled then so is my Sphynx. They like to sleep in blankets, preferably with you. If you have the Fireplace going they will be right next to it.
 I keep special pet beds in my house that turn on/off when they get in or out & it never goes over their body temperature.. They Love It!!
Never use a human heating pad as this can cause burns to your Sphynx.

Litter & Sphynx

You can use Regular or low dust clay litter. Any good clay litter is fine. You can also use a good pine litter if your cat is OK with using it, or crystal litter they also work well.. Don’t use any cedar litter as it can cause abnormal breathing in all animals.
If your cats stop using the litter box there might be a health problem. I have also found that some cats that is on a non clay litter will stop using the box over time. Put another box in the house with clay litter and see if that helps. 

I do like scoop able clay the best.
I do not recommend covered litter boxes they cause more cats to go outside of the box then inside it over time.

Is Sphynx for everyone

Sphynx is not for everyone.
This is a breed that needs allot of attention as well as care.
They are a very social breed, so they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They tend to do better if their is two in the household or have a playmate.

They need their ears cleaned on a regular basis so you must have the time to do so.
They need Regular baths & wipe downs to remove the grease & dirt. It depends on the individual  cat on when you bath once a week or once every two weeks.

Note: some Sphynx get dirtier then others and need more care..

They need a good diet, some will choose to feed a raw diet. Sphynx has a high metabolism so I find that they eat often throughout the day.

Feeding your Sphynx

Sphynx do require a very high quality food. What works with one might not work for another. Sphynx has a high metabolism so they must eat more often then most breeds So most of us free feed our Sphynx.  
I would recommend to stick with what the Breeder had the kitten/cat on if it is working well with there health and digestive system.

Raw Diet - feeding a raw diet can be very good for your Sphynx, it can keep a nice stool Going.
There are allot of good recipes on mixing your own raw food diet or now you can buy it at your local pet supply. But I have found that allot of pre made raw the cats just don't like it.

Note — never leave raw food out all day. Feed it and pick it up within 30 minutes If they don’t consume it all. Bacteria can set in fast and make your animal sick.

Some Sphynx or other breeds that is diagnose with IBD that has had diarrhea is put on a raw diet it can possible clear up all symptoms. So it can be worth a try.

You might even feed raw once a day and free feed the dry. 

Dry food – When feeding a dry food we suggest that you stay with what ever the breeder sends you home with or suggest. 
At this time we are feeding Natural Balance Pea & Duck.
Also keep in touch with your breeder as we find that food companies often change the formula and your breeder might have updated information about the food
if your kitten or cat can no longer tolerate
their diet.                                                                 

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